Home Appliance Recalls

home appliance recall

It is not surprising to hear about a product recall on a weekly basis. The recalls are multiple and cover a wide range of items including furniture, food, automobiles and appliances. The type of appliance recall that is issued is dependent on the trade name and group classification.

Categories of home appliances recall

Items that have made the list of home appliances recall are multiple. These products have been either found faulty in the electrical system, which can result in an electrical fire, or they just failed to operate at all. According the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/category/household.html) recalls related to household products from year 2000 to date are, and the reason for appliance recall, to name a few, are:

o Slow cookers: control panel overheating and melting, posing a fire hazard to consumer
o Refrigerator: detachment of refrigerator’s door, overheating, electrical failure, posing an injury hazard to consumers.
o Chest freezer: electrical wiring, poses electrical hazard to consumer
o Washers: wire breakage in the machine, posing fire and shock hazard to consumer
o Dishwashers: overheated connector, electrical failure, posing fire hazard to consumer
o Built-in ovens: overheating, poses fire hazard to consumer
o Gas ranges: excessive fuel release, posing carbon monoxide poisoning to consumer
o Electric ranges: surface heating element failure, poses fire and burn hazard
o Coffee/tea makers: pressure cause glass to break, overheating, electrical connection, posing burn and laceration, electrical hazards
o Micro waves: electrical, poses a shock hazard
o Toaster ovens: remain on after off after toast pops up, electrical connection, posing a fire hazard and electrical shock to consume

Although each appliance recall stems from different reasons, most have common problems. These problems raise enough red flags to have these items taken off of the market and out of the homes of many who could otherwise experience accidents that can be dangerous and life threatening.

It is just as much the consumer’s responsibility to protect his or her family from defective products as it is the manufacturer. If you find a defective product do not continue to use, put a patch on it, ignore it, or wait for an appliance recall. There are other options available to you for this purpose

How To Monitor Home Appliance Recalls

SafetyBook is a product recall monitoring platform where you can register your products. Just sign up with SafetyBook at www.safetybook.org and register three products for free along with unlimited lifetime membership for just $18.00. With your registration comes a guaranteed that whenever there is an appliance recall on any of those products that you have registered, you will receive a notification. Don’t miss out on this offer. Safe proof your family today before an appliance recall with SafetyBook.

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